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Validius Green Energy

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is a statutory organization of the Government under the Energy & Mineral Resources Division (E&MRD) engaged to supervise, co-ordinate and control all the activities relating to import, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products in the country and to develop and establish infrastructure facilities in relation to petroleum. As part of its mandate BPC is also involved in import of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and all activities related to LPG supply and distribution through different government and private sector channels.

LPG is an economical fuel source

It burns readily and give off instant heat the flame is visible its size is earily controllable to meet your heating needs

Compared to petrol, running the vehicle engine on LPG results in around a 10% increase in consumption.

Due to higher octane rating, the combustion of LPG is smoother and knocking is eliminated and the engine runs smoothly.

When LPG leaks past the rings into the crankcase, it does not wash oil from cylinder walls and does not generate black carbon. Hence, the lubricating layer is not washed away. Thereby, the engine life is increased by 50%.

Due to the absence of carbon deposits on the electrodes of the spark plugs, the life of the spark plugs is increased